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its over a year later since i've posted here about Total eXperience Design aka TXD and i'd like to now share a batch of links to other websites that play in this same space in one way or another

the people and organizations on these other sites may not be talking about the same exact thing when they refer to Total eXperience Design, but i've recently seen a bit of a trend toward this mentality since the very first time i posted about TXD back in September of 2009 on BigThink

so, here are the links serving as more design thought fodder to help inform us all about the various ways the design industry and user-centered design think about this phraseology and this particular niche and method of thinking through experience design available here for your consideration

Enjoy Complimentary Amenities for Group Travel. Call (888) 783-6005 — A humorous interpretation of TXD that shows up today as a sponsored link in my Google search results

Total Experience at Corante
the emerging practice of design for experience

Total Experience Design | MIX10 | Channel 9 — MIX Speaker Paul Dawson from EMC Conchango presents about TXD in midMarch 2010 — as the MIX 2010 site explains, his vision was to create a single team capable of user experience, design and build, as Paul's belief was that only by understanding all of these areas can you create experiences that truly delight and actually do something useful

User Insights & Total Experience Design - Part II — Given by Albert Su at UiGathering 2010, this speech and sharing is about how to discover latent user insights, and further produce/create meaningful yet beautiful total experiences

Total Experience Design – Why Should a Web Designer Care? On August 7, 2010, Paul Dawson from EMC Consulting guests posts on Ready Designs about TXD — his views here seem to express something more akin to the basic tenets of standard user-centered design practices that designers have been using for decades now, but still valuable to get caught up if you're not already at Paul's level of design thinking and UCD practices

What is Total Experience Design
An interesting post about TXD on The Business Blueprint website

On the ground running: Lessons from experience design — From Adobe Design Center’s Think Tank, May 2007 as posted on Adam Greenberg's Speedbird WordPress

Ergo: A definition: Total Experience Design — more from those masters of TXD out at EMC Consulting, this post makes direct reference to my original post out on BigThink, which is really too cool :]

Fluxx A not so new definition: Total Experience Design — another post from EMC Consulting's Paul Dawson out on Fluxx, which once again gives a shout out to my original post out on BigThink { look at the very bottom of the post and click on the link that seems to nicely leave out my name } — what's really nice about this post on Fluxx is that it nicely puts me in the same wonderful company of very famous design organizations and professionals such as: interaction designer, CEO of Cooper Interaction Design, and author of The Inmates are Running the Asylum Alan Cooper, author of Clued In and CEO of Experience Engineering Lou Carbone and Principal Researcher at Microsoft and author of Sketching User Experiences Bill Buxton

looks like i need to write my own book, right? — that might solidify the space i'm playing with in a more powerful way than merely by blogPost affiliation ;]


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Okay, so here it is ... a few quick notes to start this discussion about my thoughts on what I'm calling 'Total eXperience Design' or 'TXD'.

In 2009 I came up with the term Total eXperience Design and its three-letter acronym { TLA } while blogging about design, cyberSurrealism, performance and other creative concepts. This was toward the end of my first year studying and researching for my MFA in Design at Dynamic Media Institute at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston.

Quick note: since then I've seen others 'out there' in the field of design and user experience discuss the same or similar topics — multi-level marketing; transmedia design; cross-media degeneracy: these all seem to swim in the same waters of what I conceptualized while theorizing and dreaming big with words and thoughts, but I don't think I've quite articulated my concept clearly enough, nor have I expressed that, although I consider myself to be an instant expert in this new conceptual design domain, I do not feel that 'Total eXperience Design' or any other phraseology of the like can be copyrighted, trademarked or truly owned in the psychosexual sense of animal domination in these intellectual matters. So, don't piss where I piss, but feel free to speak the words. Words are free, and sometimes only words at best.

My goal in purchasing this domain and publishing my thoughts and links to other related online resources is to truly drive the definition of this term. Not to own it, but to clarify what I meant by 'Total eXperience Design' through research, writing, discussion, argument, play and investigation into what this area of design can mean to the Design Industry and to the future of all Humanity. High-handed words, I know. But we need new vision, new words and new thoughts about the modern meaning and all the implications that come with the term 'experience'.

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